Millionaire loses everything, moves to remote island, and becomes sole resident for more than 20 years


David Glasheen was a stockbroker and a millionaire in Australia living his life to the fullest, a few years ago. When everything seems to be going very well, Glasheen suddenly lost everything in 1987 and even left by his wife.

Glasheen later decided that it was time for a drastic change in his life.

“I want a different life. Outside the vicious circle that pressures me to make more money,” said Glasheen.

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This is when he moved to a beautiful island in the north of Australia, on Far North Queensland’s Restoration Island – where he becomes the sole resident and focuses on merely character-building.

He moved to the island after he lost everything.

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Initially, Glasheen moved to the island with his girlfriend, Denise. Denise supported him with the best that she can but she returned to Australia after giving birth to her first baby. Glasheen thinks that the island is not suitable for a newborn, so Denise had to leave the island.

Just like that, Glasheen was left alone on the island with his dog

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From a famous millionaire, he is now a man living on a desert island with only a few necessities.

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Glasheen (far right) during his time as a business mogul at an international trade fair in Kuwait.

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Despite living with a few things, he is confident in his lifestyle. He lives there with two mannequins as friends, a connection to the internet that works with solar energy and surprisingly, a bar. He even got a beer recipe and spent his free time perfecting the recipe.

Glasheen obtained his food by catching fish and picking fruits on the island. His most important objects there are stones to light fire and a kitchen knife.

To get more supplies, Glasheen boarded a boat and went to a market in Carins.

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There he got to buy canned foods, toilet paper, toothpaste and cleaning products to keep everything clean.

Far from cities and human interactions, Glasheen admitted that there is always a time when he felt very lonely.

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For more than 20 years, this former millionaire has spent his life on the island and planning to continue doing so.