Hopeful stray dog waited all his life watching cars pass by on a lonely road, finally gets adopted by a loving man


Dogs have been with humans for tens of thousands of years. It is precisely because dogs spend the longest time with people that they can better understand how to get along with people, and they are also the most powerful “helpers” around humans.

A dog named Remy has been wandering on the streets for a long time. He is very friendly, always eager to be petted, waiting for someone to take him home and give him the love and attention he deserve.

The place where Remy  used to live only used dogs for housekeeping, as guards and never accepted Remy as a member of the family. Therefore, despite Remy’s efforts to show a friendly side to the locals, he can only guarantee that it will help him to not be harmed by the locals. 

One woman brought Remy a little food every day. The woman likes Remy very much, but she couldn’t bring him home as her family cannot afford raising two dogs at the same time.

Remy, being smart was well aware of his possibilities to be adopted by the locals, so he began to wander on highways that had daily traffic. This way he can meet different people, which also means that his chances of being seen and adopted will increase by large.

Everyday, the dog sits down by the curb and watch the cars passing by. It was a suburb, hence there were not many vehicles to and from, so for Remy, every car passing by gave him hope. Whenever a car comes in the distance, he will shake his tail in excitement until the car disappears from his view.

This has been his daily routine. Disappointing as it is, he held on tight to his luck and continued wandering on the road.

One day, Remy stood on the side of the road as usual when a man’s vehicle approached with decreasing speed and eventually came to a halt in front of Remy. The man wound down the car window and glanced at Remy, and he probably saw a glimmer of hope from Remy’s eyes.

The man was completely attracted by Remy’s charm. He parked the car aside and interacted with Remy.  However, the man left alone after playing with Remy. He thought that Remy might have an owner, considering his friendly personality.

When the man left, he looked at Remy through the rear view mirror and kept watching him until he was no longer in sight. Remy was disappointed, but he carried on. The next day, when the man drove out, he saw Remy sitting on the side of the road again.

This time he did not stop the car to interact with Remy. He thought that Remy might live nearby, and Remy just enjoyed lounging by the road. The next week, when the man drove across the road every day, he could see Remy sitting on the side of the road, and he did not leave even in rainy days.

Finally, Remy’s strange behavior finally earned the benefit of the man’s doubt. Day after day, the sight of Remy sitting on the curb became familiar to the man.

Eventually, on the ninth day, he saw that Remy was getting wet all over and looked very downcast. It was very unpleasant, so he parked the car next to Remy again.

When the man opened the car door, Remy walked to look at the man from the side of the car door, and when he confirmed that the man was the person he had seen before, he began to walk to the man in excitement and was very anxious for the fear that the man might leave again.

The man kept petting Remy, and he realized that he was about to be rescued. He suddenly nudged his head into the man’s arms, and seemed to have longed for such a warm embrace for the longest time. The man was affected by Remy’s sudden attachment to himself, and he decided to bring Remy back homr.

In order to ensure that Remy really didn’t have a master, he asked around and inquired the locals. He was taken aback when he knew that Remy had been living a wandering life. Regretting that he didn’t adopt the dog much earlier, the man wasted not a second more.

He gestured Remy to get into the car and drove away. Since that day, Remy has been living the life he has forever dreamt of.