Woman captures breathtaking image of ‘eye of the storm’ after Storm Ciara passed


The United Kingdom and Ireland were hit by Storm Ciara on the first weekend of February. It lasted two days, with not much damage except for the usual strong winds accompanied by lightning and thunder.

Interestingly, shortly after the storm passed, a woman by the name Sarah Hodges witnessed something spectacular out her window one bright night. The sky was illuminated by the full moon when Sarah noticed what the internet now calls ‘eye of the storm’.

She captured a few images using her smartphone and shared in on her Facebook account. The pictures depict the full moon, partially surrounded by grey clouds, making it look like a giant eye scrutinizing the earth from up above.

Credit: Facebook/Sarah Hutchinson via DRUID

“I took the pictures last Tuesday 11 Feb 2020, between 9.34 pm and 9.39 pm, just from my bedroom window at my home address. I am obsessed with the moon, sunset, sunrise, and the sea. I just used my Samsung S9. I know I got lucky, people spend thousands on cameras to get the perfect shot. I feel overwhelmed and proud, as it’s a once in a lifetime shot… which I do understand,” shared BoredPanda of the 48-year-old baker’s statement.

The image was taken in Bolton, Lancashire where Sarah lives. Sarah also mentioned that she is a devoted nature lover and will spend hours watching sunrise, sunsets, moon in the night sky and anything that involves captivating scenery.

Her Facebook post has since been shared around 35,000 times, something which she is still in disbelief over. People have taken the liberty of flooding her comment sections with such wonderful words.

“I’ve saved this image, would love it as my phone background,” read a comment.

“I’d be really worried if I saw this in the sky,” said a netizen, with an edited image of the original picture attached to his comment.

Credit: Facebook/Donn Geyer via DRUID

Meanwhile, the skeptics and believers also came out to fill in the space with their opinions. A few were very convinced that it was actually Jesus looking down from the sky while a few other agreed to disagree with a simple scientific explanation saying that it’s just our eyes and brain creating images that are not actually there.

No matter what people think, everyone agrees that it is certainly a beautiful image to look and admire at.