Rushing to the police station, this smart dog wants to report himself as a lost dog


Just two months into the year and the world has seen more tragedy and chaos than ever before. Threats of a potential global pandemic involving a virus, natural disasters, deaths of famed celebrities, let’s just say it’s been a little too overwhelming for all of us.

Amidst all these pressing matters, something heartwarming happened in Texas that will certainly take your mind off the worries of the world. Just last week, the officers in Odessa Police Department were going about their day when they were surprised with an unlikely visitor.

Realizing he was an inch or two short of the inquiry counter’s height, the 1-year-old German shepherd and Husky mix breed hopped onto the desk on his two front legs, alerting the officers of his adorableness.

Credit: Facebook/Support Our Permian Basin Police Officers

The dog walked into the police station to lodge a missing person, or a certain missing pet report, and how it turned out that it was the dog itself, Chico who went missing from his home.

“We were all excited to have him in the building. We had a tennis ball and threw it in the lobby for a bit. Everyone loved on him,” shared Sergeant Rusty Martin who was one of the first person to notice him.

Sergeant Martin explained that Chico didn’t appear much too ‘lost’ considering he actually was. He just darted in, and started playing around.

While they were all certainly having a ball (pun intended), they were also quick to address the real issue at matter; to  locate Chico’s home.

Credit: Facebook/Support Our Permian Basin Police Officers

Taking note of the dog collar the dog was wearing, and the ID tag not attached to it, Sergeant Rusty and his colleagues reached out to animal control to have Chico checked for a microchip.

That was before the bubbly dog decided to find his way back home, all on his own.

Hitting a sudden stump in the case, Chico’s images and details were posted on Facebook. Thankfully, his owner, Edward Alvarado responded to the post the following day, updating that the dog arrived home safely.

Apparently, Chico sneaked out of the house one day when Alvarado was still asleep.

“We were going to have him at my dad’s store to be a guard dog. He doesn’t take stuff seriously,” Alvarado told WTHR 13 news site.

Guard dog or not, Chico surely knows how to have fun, and make a run for it.