Newlywed doctors save an injured motorcyclist’s life on the way to their wedding banquet


A recently wedded doctors in Thailand are being praised for their timely help in saving a motorcyclist’s life.

John and Sarah were heading to their hotel for their wedding banquet after having beach ceremony in Krabi, Thailand when they witnessed a road accident midway. A motorcycle rammed into a truck, causing a young man to lose his balance off the bike and fall hard on the ground.

The couple, almost instinctively asked their driver to pull over as they got down in their respective wedding dress and suit to help the injured man. It later was revealed that the newlyweds were doctors.

Credit: Newsflare

They rushed towards the man and found him lying on the ground motionless. Together, they performed first aid on him and stayed with him for the next 20 minutes until the ambulance arrived. Till then, they secured his head and kept it lifted as he was transferred to a stretcher and placed into the vehicle.

The bride even handled the traffic flow as her husband remained next to the man, keeping a close watch on him and making sure his pulse is steady.

Credit: Sin Chew Daily

21 year-old Cholatee Muengkerd was injured in his left leg and brought to hospital on time, thanks to their quick thinking. Bystanders who were watching the bride and groom in action were thoroughly impressed at their willingness to get their wedding outfits stained with blood and soil.

They were so committed to their professions that they didn’t even mind running late to their own wedding reception.

Rescue workers who arrived with the ambulance applauded the couple’s mindfulness as they ensured both the injured man and the accident area are safe. Their kind deed prevented further complications for the victim, which could’ve turned fatal.

Their story was posted on Facebook, gaining them multitude of praise and wishes.