Man had been blind for two decades claimed to miraculously regain sight after getting hit by a car


We’ve heard of people from different parts of the world waking up speaking different languages after an accident before, but never the one who regained sight.

A man from the Polish city of Gorzow Wielkopolski, Janusz Goraj claims that he miraculously regained his sight after being hit by a car. Believed to have been blind for over two decades, Goraj started to lose his eyesight at a young age when he had a bad allergic reaction.

Goraj was completely blind in his left eye and could vaguely recognize shapes and lights in his right eye.

Credit: Central European News

However, these changed after Goraj involved in an accident and was struck by a car while he was using a pedestrian crossing. While getting hit by a car was never a good incident, this man believed that the accident ultimately helped him regained his sight.

“I fell on the car bonnet, hit my head and then slipped and fell on the road,” recalled Goraj the moment of his accident.

Goraj was later taken to the Independent Public Provincial Hospital in the western Polish region of Lubusz Voivodeship, where he underwent hip surgery. As fractures do not easily for people of a certain age like Goraj, he had to be hospitalized after the surgery.

“At that time, the doctors weren’t concerned with his vision because of his injuries,” said the spokesperson for the hospital, Agnieszka Wisniewska.

Credit: Central European News

Surprisingly, Goraj recovered quite quickly and his injuries were mostly better within just a fortnight. But what surprised the doctor more than his fast hip surgery recovery was the recovery of his sight.

“His eyesight did improve within two weeks. We don’t quite know what caused it, maybe the mix of drugs he was getting during that time,” told Wisniewska about one of the theories behind Goraj regaining his sight.

Other than that, it’s been speculated that large doses of anticoagulant medicine mixed with other drugs that Goraj was on could probably have helped him somehow.

Credit: Central European News

Despite whatever the real reason might be, Goraj declined taking part in future tests and is now living his independent life as a security guard at the hospital where he received his post-accident treatment.

Good for you, Goraj!