Epidemic expert says Singapore has the best systems in the world to control Covid-19 outbreak


“If Singapore can’t do it, then the rest of the world is screwed.”

In a recent interview with The Epoch Times, Laurie Garrett, an award winning science writer and epidemic reporter shared her opinions on the impressive work Singapore has been carrying out in efforts to detect and contain coronavirus Covid-19.

She had been involved closely in over 30 global outbreaks, including the Ebola epidemic in Zaire, which she won a Pulitzer prize for, in regards to her detailed journalism on the case.

Responding to the question asked about her thoughts on the outcome of the epidemic in the next six months to come, Laurie replied that it all depends on observing how Singapore and Hong Kong play it out in the duration of the event.

She further elaborated that those two places, albeit being advanced, are geographically small and densely populated. Though their consistency and standard of procedures in dealing with the disease is highly commendable, anything close to an ‘explosive spread’ could result in ‘tremendous difficulty ahead for the whole world’.

Laurie highlighted that Singapore’s top notch healthcare system is now ‘being put to test’ as the virus infection started spreading outside China earlier this year.

Singapore’s Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong’s 30-minutes long nationwide speech on the outbreak also received her praise. In her exact words, ‘it was all one of the most transparent, wise speeches heard about a disease from a head of state’.

A fact that she agree on, which was backed up by a Harvard study, is that Singapore’s method of keeping the Covid-19 outbreak under control is the best in the world.

The research deems the detection of 18 cases by the first week of February as “a gold standard of near-perfect detection”, which is apparently three times better than the rest of the world. Their data analyzing and distributing model in the field of healthcare is found to be 95% statistically reliable.

The stock-piling of groceries and  medical supplies might have been a little out of hand, but we ought to keep a keen eye on Singapore as well as Hong Kong for better practical and efficient ways of handling Covid-19.

Credit:  The Epoch Times