Two veteran dogs in the Rennes gendarmerie service were honored with National Defense medal


Did you know that the French military has a branch of armed forces specialized in internal security involving civil law enforcement? They are called gendarmerie. Did you also know that recently, two of the fluffiest, most adorable members of the gendarmerie were awarded the medal of national defense for their outstanding performance?

Esko and Frimousse are two dogs from the Rennes gendarmerie service who have been in the force for almost a decade. During the cynophile intervention group inspection conducted on the first week of January, the veteran canines were decorated with a bronze level medal each to reward their contribution to the military department.

The ceremony commenced at the Place d’Armes of the Guillaudot barracks, on Boulevard Clémenceau on a Tuesday morning where the dashing duo were honored for the operational commitment in Rennes gendarmerie service.

The National Defense medal was decorated upon them by  Lieutenant-Colonel Noël, commander of the departmental gendarmerie branch in Rennes.

A Belgian Malinois shepherd, Esko was born on May 24, 2009 and joined the gendarmerie in 2011. He works alongside chief Xavier Quéau, actively involved in the research of narcotic products. At a ripe age of 11, Esko is up for retirement soon, though he doesn’t look or behave like an old dog.

Frimousse, on the other hand, is a German shepherd, born on August 10, 2010. He was recruited into the task force in 2012, just a year after Esko. Together with constable Jérôme Larue, the tenacious team specialize in locating people.

These two canines were an important part of the Rennes armed forces as they have played a huge role in assisting to solve crimes and maintaining the calm and peace in the rural areas and small towns of France. They are truly deserving of the national defense medal and many other recognition which are surely to follow suit.

Job well done, Esko and Frimousse!