Woman forgets her husband due to memory loss, falls in love with him all over again


If you’ve watched The Vow, you’d be familiar with the plot by now. Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams are a newly married couple whose life took an unexpected turn when the wife lost her memory in an untimely accident, leaving her with no recollection of her life with her then boyfriend and later husband. The husband would then stay by her side and make her fall in love with him all over again.

Now, imagine if the movie comes to life. Laura Hart Faganello lost her memory when a heavy pole landed on her during work. She woke up believing she was her 17 year old self. Strangely, that wouldn’t be the biggest problem for her.

At the time of the accident, she had been married to Brayden Faganello for nine months. Of course, they did not meet when Laura was 17, which erased all her memory with him and made him a stranger to her. Devastated but still hopeful, the couple decided  to start it all over again.

Brayden stood by her side all day and night. He helped his wife with overcoming her struggle with reading, writing and speaking which was affected by the memory loss. Despite being wary of the intentions and genuineness of the stranger who claimed to be her husband, Laura held on to faith and trusted the process.

They started off as friends, as they worked together in the photography company they had started together after marriage. Eventually, Laura started falling in love, again, with Brayden who was committed to win his wife’s heart no matter how long it might take.

The spark ignited for the second time, and they decided it was time they take the relationship to the next step. So naturally, when Brayden proposed, Laura immediately said yes and shared her engagement pictures on social media, together with their fateful story.

The couple now live a very happy life together, rebuilding their memories and moments together. Not everyone gets a chance to fall in love with the same person twice. Laura and Brayden are truly lucky in that sense. They really went through thick and thin to endure their relationship, and it was totally worth it.

Laura shows off her wedding ring in August 2019