One of McDonald’s oldest employee turns 92, hopes to work for another 10 years


For most of us, having a well-thought retirement plan is equally as important as choosing the right career path. After all, we would want to be able to enjoy the later years savoring the fruits of our hard work we spent half our lives cultivating.

Apparently, that is not the case for a very special McDonald’s employee.

At a seasoned age of 92, Ike Baker is easily one of the oldest staffs of the popular fast food chain’s history. He recently celebrated his birthday, which he dedicated to honoring his work at the McDonald’s franchise in Dayton, Tennessee.

When asked about his retirement plans, Mr.Baker had a surprising answer.

He openly expressed that he has no thoughts on retirement just yet, and that his age is nothing but a number. He had been serving at the hamburger joint for an impressive 21 years!

Sabina Kaylor, the restaurant’s establishment manager shared that Mr.Baker is a diligent worker.

His warm smile and pleasant chats are popular among the customers as well as the staffs around. As a host, it’s Mr.Baker’s duty to greet and welcome the patrons who visit the place.

While they’re there, the friendly veteran also ensures that each and everyone’s needs are taken care of as long as they are in the premise. He keeps the tables and chairs clean at all times and makes customer satisfaction a priority.

Mr.Baker was formerly in the army. He had served the nation from 1952 to 1960, and has been involved in the Korean War. Despite having credited accolades that will more than allow him to settle down, Mr.Baker is hoping to work in the restaurant for another 10 years! He strongly believes that it’s his work life that’s keeping him active and healthy even at his age.

Mr.Baker hopes to serve his customers for as long as his smile can light up their day.