Filipino girl going down on one knee to propose to her boyfriend in front of family and friends


Proposal is an important part of a romantic relationship. It takes the relationship to the next level, indicating that both parties are ready to spend the rest of their lives together, sharing commitments and responsibilities, in times both good and bad.

Traditionally, it’s the guy who plans and executes the proposal in a relationship. Though it looks like the tables have turned in a video that went viral recently. The footage had all the usual elements of a proposal, the flowers, the grand gesture, the ring, the couple, the music, everything sweet you can imagine.

Except that instead of the boyfriend, it was the girlfriend who proposed. Interesting, isn’t it? Ulvic Berdecen and Cheska Galves have been madly in love for a year. Some might consider it still early, but Cheska was very sure that Ulvic was the man she wants to get married to and have family with.

Credit: Facebook/Stephen Berdecen

And so began the elaborate night that will later turn everyone’s head around, including Ulvic’s. Cheska planned a casual dinner with friends and family at a restaurant in Philippines. They were all enjoying the food when suddenly, the music at the place got louder and a love song started playing.

Though they were weirded out initially, they thought someone was celebrating their special night there. That was when the waiters started parading towards their table, holding three red roses in their hands and passing it to Ulvic. Ulvic wasn’t sure what was going on but he accepted the flowers.

Then came Cheska bearing more roses. She whipped out a small box, and opened it, displaying a beautiful ring. Despite being the mastermind behind the entire ensemble, she was still a little tongue tied to actually say the magic words.

Credit: Facebook/Stephen Berdecen

She pointed to a banner that read “Will you marry me?” that their friends were holding, and got down on one knee in front of Ulvic. Without hesitating, Ulvic said ‘Yes!’ and the whole restaurant broke into a harmony of applause and cheers.

Credit: Facebook/Stephen Berdecen

It was a romantic and emotional night as they hugged and family members started tearing up in joy. It was a truly heartwarming moment for everyone, including the netizens who watched and commented on the video posted by Ulvic’s brother, Stephen.

Many called Ulvic the luckiest guy in the world and applauded Cheska for being so bold and determined to take such a big step forward in life. What do you think?