Firefighters jumping of excitement under the rain in Australia brings hope and relief to bushfires victims


Massive bush fires that has killed many wildlife animal and human in Australia is not showing signs of stopping any time soon but the recent rain surely brings relief and a little hope to many.

Last week, 6 January, a Twitter user @ctn717 shared on his Twitter, a footage believed to have been shot in a place overwhelmed by wildfires in Southeastern Australia. The short video showed that heavy rains suddenly appeared in the zone and extinguished the fire.

“It’s finally raining!” tweeted @ctn717 in the video showing a group of happy firefighters.

As the rain hit the fire, the smoke rose from the ground and the firefighters were seen happily laughing, clearly grateful for the rain. Some of them can’t handle the joy and were seen jumping of excitement.

The video showed that the fire immediately stopped after the rain.

Besides @ctn717, a Twitter account belongs to ABC News also tweeted about the rain pours in Sydney, Australia.

According to local media, the rain has stopped the spread of wildfires in a few affected areas such as Sydney and Melbourne, bringing some relief to the exhausted firefighters and communities there.

However, authorities warned that the blazes might take off again. Hence, nobody should let their guards down and stay vigilant.

The bushfires has now destroyed hundreds of properties and millions of animals.