Hospitalized girl put on heavy makeup before her boyfriend visits her to keep her flawless image


Most people can’t even lift a finger to eat while hospitalized, but when people say love and determination can make anything possible, this Vietnamese influencer girl proves it all.

The lady named Wangwei was recently admitted to a hospital and probably been taking a good rest on the hospital bed before her boyfriend said that he wanted to pay a visit.

When she should be focusing on recovery instead, Wangwei probably couldn’t stand the thought of having her boyfriend see her without makeup, so she quickly put on her makeup before he arrived.

Excitedly waiting for her boyfriend, Wangmei posted about it on her Facebook together with photos of herself.

Wangmei was not kidding with her makeup application as she went for a full makeup look, complete with nail polish and pearl earrings! Even with the respirator attached, Wangwei did an amazing job applying her makeup that nobody would believe she was sick at the time.

“My boyfriend is coming to visit me!”

As her post quickly went viral, netizen criticized Wangmei for going extra length with her makeup. However, some defended her saying that she didn’t want to worry her boyfriend with her sick appearance.

When some people think she could have toned down the makeup a little, but I think you should keep doing what makes you happy, girl!