Woman glues toy horse on her phone cover for easier grab, the horse now photobombs all of her photos


Thinking that it would help her to grip her phone better, Kai Tipton decided to glue a plastic miniature horse to the phone cover. Little did she know at the time that the horse would make a hilarious photobomber in every picture she takes with her phone!

According to an interview with Bored Panda, Kai admitted that it was a spontaneous decision to glue the horse onto her phone cover.

“I needed a gripper for when I’m laying down looking at my phone, or just holding my phone,” Kai told Bored Panda, adding that she suddenly remembered the plastic toy she just had gotten earlier at that moment.

“So I glued the horse to my phone,” she said.

Kai first thought that gluing the horse onto her phone cover was a good move to help her grip her phone better.

However, it was only later that she realised the horse would be in every one of her photos since she glued it near the phone’s camera lens!

“The idea was spontaneous and poorly planned out because, in the picture, you’ll see the front leg sticking out.”

“So I thought that gave me some kind of distance from the camera? Nope. Haha. Definitely not.” 

The tiny horse now photobombs every photo Kai takes with her phone and it is hilarious!

In her now-viral Facebook post, all of the photos Kai shared would be lovely shots of scenic nature if the horse did not appear at the bottom of each photo.

Nevertheless, Kai said that she did not regret sticking the toy horse onto her phone cover.

“I don’t regret my decision, I find it kind of funny, and heartwarming,” she said.

We also think she is right, because her facebook post has exceeded more than 217k shares, which is pretty crazy, isn’t it?